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5 Reasons FOR woodless


Woodless notebooks are 100% waterproof. Liquids therefore have no effect on your notes and thoughts. If your book gets wet, you can just wipe it dry again. Morning coffees wont hurt you anymore.


A crowded bag or bumpy travels wont be a problem anymore. The stone paper pages are tear resistant and curl before they break. In addition, our stone paper is strikingly bright - without any chemical additives - solely due to the natural conditions. This will help you stay focused and get the most out of your everyday life.

3. Design

We want to create long-lasting, stable and aesthetic products that not only stand aside for organization, but take you on a journey to more productivity and creativity. Our functional and minimalist design is the contrast to the many influences that keep you imprisoned during the day. We have taken care of everything to give you the best possible inspiration ...


A expandable back pocket | rounded corners | flat thread binding | a bookmark & rubber band for closing | ...

4. Recycling

We use recycled materials to produce our notebooks. The production process needs no water and with around 60% less Co2 emissions than in conventional paper production it keeps the air cleaner. 


The products can be recycled like regular paper - through the paper or plastic stream. Left in nature, the stone paper is transformed back into calcium carbonate and becomes limestone again.

5. environmental Protection

Why do you see so many trees on our website? Well, we think that the green of nature is something unreal and beautiful. It is important to protect that. We save about 24 trees with just a ton of stone paper. However, sparing is not enough anymore. That is why we want to actively give something back to the environment. With our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant one tree for every sold notebook and thus ensure the return of rainforests.

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