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Our Stonepaper FORMULAR

Main component of our products is a substance of great importance to our world in the future: calcium carbonate. We take advantage of this waste product of the construction and mining industry and binding it with a polyethylene resin within the production process it turns into our special stone paper for our notebooks.

Find out below how the manufacturing process differs from the conventional paper making process.

One Ton of STOnepaper saves ...

MORE CaCo3 =


Without the influence of water or harmful chemicals, woodless stone paper is produced with a 65% lower CO2 output than in the conventional paper production. Stone paper is white by nature and there is no need of a further bleaching process with addition of additives. Our stone paper products are made without any water, reduced C2, without any wood –they are 100% waterproof, durable and have this very special unique paper feeling.

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