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One Book, One Tree

Easy - but effective! By purchasing a woodless notebook, you will not only hold in your hands an eco-friendly and beautiful companion for your creative adventures. By every purchase you will automatically support local environmental projects around the world.


Currently we are supporting a project of mangroves plantation in Madagascar. In order to secure the support, we have been partnered up with a company named ‚Eden Reforestation Projects ‘. The mangrove cultivation ensures valuable and safe jobs in the region and protects the coastal areas from the effects of nature. 

Tree Partnership

With "Eden Reforestation Projects" we have found a strong and reputable partner involving in rebuilding forests in parts of Asia and Africa. Newly created forests will have a positive impact on local infrastructure, environmental conditions and the population in order to ensure a long-term supply of food and water.

Look inside your woodless notebook you can see where exactly trees are being planted

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